Serbian Accusative with Nouns in Singular and Plural with Verb TO HAVE and Family Vocabulary

Gap-fill exercise

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Tata = dad
Mama = mom
Brother = brother
Sestra = sister
Ćerka = daughter
Sin = son
Ujak = uncle, mother’s brother
Ujna = aunt, mother’s brother’s wife
Stric = uncle, father’s brother
Strina = aunt, father’s brother’s wife
Tetka = aunt, mother’s sister
Teča = uncle, mother’s sister’s husband
Dete = child
Deca = children
Očevi = fathers
Braća = brothers
Rodjaci = relatives
Stričevi = uncles (father’s brothers)

Singular, Masculine

BRAT - Imam . Zove se Branko.
UJAK - Imam . Zove se Milovan.
SIN - Imam . Zove se Ivan.

Singular, Feminine

SESTRA - Imam . Zove se Sandra.
ĆERKA - Imam . Zove se Anja.
UJNA - Imam . Zove se Olja.

Singular, Neuter

DETE - Imam jedno . Zove se Valentina.
KUČE - Imam jedno . Zove se Džeki.
MORSKO PRASE - Imam morsko , zove se Borko.

Plural, Masculine

UJACI - Imam . Zovu se Milovan i Krsta.
ROĐACI - Imam . Zovu se Danilo i Snežana.
PRIJATELJI - Imam . Zovu se Lazar i Dragoljub.

Plural, Feminine

SESTRE - Imam . Zovu se Anđela i Zorica.
ĆERKE - Imam . Zovu se Ema, Ena i Ela.
UJNE - Imam . Zovu se Sofija i Ana.

Plural, Neuter

DECA - Imam . Zovu se Nina i Lara.